Finding the right person

Our aim is to help you find the right person to fill your vacancy. We place particular emphasis on providing expert advice and excellent customer service throughout the whole recruitment process. We work on permanent and contract positions, both full time and part time.

Although we operate a database system of searching, our approach is much more bespoke. Our database is extremely targeted and contains job seekers who are experienced charity professionals, juniors, or people currently working in the commercial sector with relevant transferable skills.

We continually add to our database through word of mouth, regular advertising and a prominent presence on social media. We meet all of our job-seeking clients which means that we can select people who have the specific skills and experience you require.

How we can help you

Once we receive a vacancy, we will discuss the role with you and make sure we have a full understanding of the job and the skills and experience you require. Job seekers are discerning and competition for their services is fierce. We therefore write an extensive brief based on the background information we receive from you.

We will confirm the application process and agree a deadline, and we are always happy to provide advice on job descriptions and salary levels.

We will then send you a list of applicants, their CVs and cover letters or application forms. You decide who you would like to meet and we will make the interview arrangements. If you make a job offer, we are happy to mediate as required or equally happy for you to impart the good news.